LOOK Digital Signage Software introduse widgets and RSS

We hasten to tell you about the new features that appeared in our service after the recent update:


Increase the value of your advertising or information flow for the customer by adding online widgets (time, weather, stock reports, etc.) to your broadcasting. Also for designing of interactive scenarios it became possible to add your own custom widgets based on your corporate style, that undoubtedly increases the effectiveness of this tool.

RSS feeds and a running text: 

Create your own running text with the necessary information and place it on the top of your playlists. Also you can add RSS feeds from the popular information channels in order your customers are always be up to date with the latest news.


In order to make your own opinion about all the novations and advantages of the LOOK digital signage service in a FREE Trial mode, simply follow this link: SIGN UP

We believe, that the new features of our service make it even more useful and effective for achieving of your business targets. 

Sincerely yours, LOOK Team.