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Ok. You’re done with your digital signage installation. You have nice screens, smartly located and it looks just marvelous. So what’s next? Did you already decide what you’re going to play? Who will be creating a relevant eye-catching content for your digital signage?

Not a big deal? We would say, that the biggest one!

Whatever they say content is the most important part of your digital signage installation. The right content can significantly increase your ROI while the bad one will just bring your project down.

If you don’t have a professional graphic designer within your team, then, please, pay your attention to the 5 main rules which can help you to create and smoothly manage really effective digital signage content.

Consider audience and location

What works for a young lady may not fit at all for a 65 year old gentleman. Take into account your main audience needs and interests. Along with it not less attention you should pay to the location, because, for example, no one will be able to fully watch the two-minute video in the supermarket, but it will be more than appropriate in a waiting area.

Remember design principles

Use contrasting colors for text and background. Don’t clutter your designs with too much text. Keep the type size large for readability at a distance, and present only the most important information. Try not to use more than 3 lines of text of 5 words each.

Add motion and call to action

Don’t forget to add motion, because, according to the analytics, dynamic content is by 72% more eye-catching than the static. Don’t miss the moment, when you reach your audience attention. Include simple call to action to your message in order to make it more efficient.

Change your content regularly

If you won’t refresh your content frequently, repeat visitors will eventually stop paying attention to your signs. In order to simplify this process, you can just swap new stock images into your existing content or change the layout of an existing message.

Use social media feeds and layouts

Increase the value of your info channel by adding entertaining and informational content to it. RSS feeds, Instagram, Youtube, weather, traffic maps, exchange rates and etc. Divide your screens into the multiple zones and play the different content items in each at the same time. Using LOOK service you can easily create such scenarios within the minutes. Learn how

LOOK Digital Signage Software

Here are the links for several useful services which can help you in your content creation:


Good luck and stay tuned!