We continue to develop the "Apps" section of our digital signage solution, so that each of you has an opportunity to quickly create engaging dynamic content based on social media, news feeds or information services.
And today we are happy to share with you two new items in this section. But first things first.

Facebook Video + Live

In response to the numerous requests of our customers, we finally added this useful application for your digital signages. Now you have the possibility to broadcast specific videos or live streams directly from the most popular social media in the world. Just copy the necessary link in the address bar of your browser, paste it into the appropriate field in the application settings and enjoy the result.

Euronews Live

Live streams from one of the most respected news agencies in the world are now available for your digital signage TVs. Simply select the desired language from the available list and add the created content item to your playlist in a full screen mode or place it into the specific area of your digital screen specially designed for this using the Layouts feature.

By the way, we’ve slightly redesigned and made some fixes in our existing digital signage software apps, like: RSS, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Now you can change the size of the text in order it might be readable concerning with a distance between your audience and your digital signage TVs. Also, all the apps now display much better in the layout areas. Another small lifehack is that now you can use RSS or Twitter as a ticker just by putting it into the newly created thin layer in the bottom of your layout. And it looks so nice! Moreover, now you’re able to choose white or dark themes for your news feeds or social media posts.

Please, be note, that in case you use not the LOOK Android digital signage players, you need to make sure, that the LOOK app player on your device is up to date. You can check an actual version of the player using these links to Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.

We definitely do not plan to stop here and will continue to develop this section, adding new interesting and, which is quite important, absolutely free applications to it. So, stay tuned to learn first about our new features.

P.S. In case you have any ideas on what kind of apps would you like to see in our apps section, please, do not hesitate to let us know about it through our 24/7 online chat right in your personal account or giving us an email to sales@lookit.hk. Thanks in advance for your kind engagement.