You are considering the implementation of the digital signage solution to your business or maybe you have already decided to integrate interactive screens into your store, office, restaurant, hotel or any another location. Then let me remind you, that LOOK, along with the development of Digital Signage software, is also a manufacturer of high-quality Full HD interactive digital screens, digital kiosks and media players under its own brand. 

All hardware items are powered by Android and has preset LOOK software inside. We have done a tremendous job in order to select for you the most impressive and quality hardware in the marketplace through the long-established connections with manufacturers of digital screens. Our comprehensive solution allows you to quickly deploy the digital signage network of any scale, purpose and geographical distribution and makes its daily management simple and maximally effective.

Here you can download our actual catalog, which represents all hardware items with full specifications. If you will interested in one or another items from our catalog, just let us know using and our global sales team will get back to you shortly with all needed details.

If you're not yet a user of our service, we suggest you to make your own opinion about all the novations and advantages of the LOOK digital signage service in a FREE Trial mode. Simply follow this link and click SIGN UP 

Thank you for your attention!