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Otkritie bank.
1. Building of a modern communication channel with employees in the corporate environment.
2. Movement of the necessary legal information, which should be publicly available in each bank branch, from printed format to digital with a reduction in financial and time costs for the production and replacement of materials.
3. Development of a tool, that will allow bank clients to independently obtain the necessary information through modern interactive experience without an assistance of employees at the bank branches.
1. Creation of the centralized Digital Signage Corporate TV by connecting the screens located in the bank HQ to a remote content management system using reliable and powerful Look digital signage players.
2. Placing of 32-inch and 10-inch Look touch monitors in the client areas of bank branches with usage of interactive scenarios created in the Look CMS without writing a single line of a program code.

The main task of the Customer was to update traditional channels of interaction with both staff and clients.

LOOK WF3201T Monitor with Interactive case

As one of the outcomes, today, within the framework of Corporate TV, the bank’s HR department can build full-fledged communication with the central office staff, transmitting brand values in an accessible and entertaining form in combination with significant achievements, digital signage apps, news and announcements. For this purpose, using the Digital Signage CMS, the screens are divided into several active areas with a different content items in each: motivational videos, dynamic ticker with corporate RSS feed, posts from the official Instagram account, text blocks with important announcements or employees' greetings, live streams of the top management speeches, etc. Of course, such a professional approach, supported by Look digital signage software functionality, in the near future can significantly affect the acceleration of positive dynamics in the formation of employees' engagement.

Along with it, the bank was able to introduce an effective tool for improvement of customer experience in its branches. Now in many cases, visitors do not have to sit in line waiting a specialist in order to solve their problem. For this purpose, they can use touch monitor with an intuitive scenario created in the Look CMS. By tapping the certain clickable widgets on the screen, the client is able to: leave a request for a bank product, fill out a feedback form, browse the location of the nearest branches or ATMs, read the legal documentation or sign in to his personal account on the bank's website. This digital signage solution reduces queues and significantly saves the time of customers and employees, which certainly has a positive impact on the quality of service and customer loyalty.

About Customer:
Otkritie Bank is one of top 10 major banks in Russia, a systemically important credit institution operating through 615 offices in 244 cities. Being active in the financial market since 1993, Otkritie Bank offers a full range of cutting-edge financial services to its corporate, retail, SME and Private Banking clients.